Fran Stone - Administrative & Support

Fran Stone
Administrative & Support

Fran Stone has been an integral part of Stone Communications since its inception.  Her responsibilities include personnel and operations management, including accounting, purchasing and account supervision.  She also assists with media buying, coordination of media database and research.
Fran has a Bachelor of Science degree from Florida Southern College and has completed graduate computer training courses and seminars in financial planning, management and marketing.

Stone Communicatiions - 2001 to Present - Fairfield Glade/Estero, FL

Fran continues to provide support in the areas of accounting, copywriting, editing and strategic planning. Fran works closely with the creation, writing and editing of features and other materials presenting in
Stone & Associates – 1988 to 2001 ~ Hendersonville, Tennessee

During her tenure with Stone & Associates, Fran was the driving force in making sure all funds were properly accounted, collected and deposited for this eight-member marketing and communications group.  Her role also included purchasing and working with media on all advertising buys for clients.  She handled the payroll, tax reporting, receivables and invoicing.

Nashville Information Services - 1986 to 1987 ~ Nashville, Tennessee
As co-owner/operator, Stone managed this brochure distribution service that positioned displays in some 80-plus strategic tourist locations.  The service distributed literature on behalf of local, state and regional travel and leisure properties.  Stone’s duties included overseeing the management duties of securing contracts, sales, distribution of brochures, invoicing and payroll.