1. Network, Network, Network (constantly draw larger circles in your friendships and special contacts; it is 20% what you know; 80% whom you know)
  2. Concentrate on developing a different skill set(s) that you can perfect and be happy doing.
  3.  Expand a hobby into a business that makes money and makes you happy.
  4. Get sales experience…nothing happens until something is sold.
  5. Start your own business (possibly on the side, at first).
  6. Cultivate your people skills and work to understand different personalities…make a friend of everyone you meet.
  7. Go back to school for a degree that has a sure job at the end…(Accounting, Marketing, etc.).
  8.  Keep your resume updated; at least yearly, and always be ready for various opportunities.
  9. Seek to have your present job expanded. Continue to add new elements and areas of service or sales to current position…show how company is making more profit from your involvement.
  10. Keep yourself financially solvent. Get beyond buying things you don’t need, with money you don’t have, to impress people you don’t like.
  11. Save, Save, Save…if you are not saving money, you’re not making money.
  12. Specialize in a job in which no one else can replace you. Always do more than you are paid to do.
  13. The culture in America is changing. Study to learn of these changes and learn to adjust as your environment changes.
  14. Keep up with ever changing technology; yet maintain your ability to pay attention to your surrounding as in personal conversations and being attentive without distractions of technology.
  15. Even doing all the above, bad and unexpected things can happen!!!!                                                                                                                       

Developed and presented by:
Ed Stone/Ben Jordan