Colleagues have asked me how I have survived in a demanding 24/7 business and stayed active and productive. Success can be summed up in my six A’s:

  1. ATTITUDE. Maintain a can-do attitude, always be willing to try new things and be open minded. Having passion for what you do makes the journey a whole lot of fun. I’d rather have an inexperienced person with a great attitude than an experienced person who is negative or combative in negotiating with clients.
  2. ASSUMPTION. We assume we know what the client’s needs are, but never assume anything! You might have a piece of business for three consecutive years but don’t assume they will be back next year. Check and double check everything! We are in a business of details.
  3. ANTICIPATION. Stay one step ahead! In the hospitality business we need to live in a world of anticipation. Try to anticipate the wants, needs and desires as well as challenges of executing a great event for your groups and guests. Try to anticipate before they become a problem.
  4. AUTONOMY. Take ownership of resolving the problem. Not in the sense of working alone but giving your people the autonomy of resolving issues that may arise. Empower.
  5. APPRECIATION. A sincere and keen appreciation of the business coming through your doors. Let them feel the love! Never take business for granted!
  6. ACTION. I never left a meeting without asking what the action steps are and who is taking ownership. So many times people sit around and talk strategy but there are no action steps.